Choose the CD (Bread of Life or His Beloved or both) and the quantity (see pricing below). Print this page and send it along with your check. Please allow 10 - 12 business days for delivery

Send check to:

Grace Rhie

c/o Campi Properties, Inc.

195 S. San Antonio Road

Los Altos, CA 94022

Make checks payable to Bread of Life EPA.


Messengers of Mercy
Attn:  Benefit CD
25 W 560 Geneva Rd.  
Carol Stream, IL 60188  

Contact info:

Grace Rhie at 650-492-0222

T PHONE: 630-580-5074  
FAX: 630-580-5075

Tom Shumaker-Executive Administrator

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Bread of Life EPA

Messengers of Mercy

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*A Korean version of His Beloved CD is available free of charge if you order His Beloved CD (English version see above). Please check this box if you would like the Korean version as well.