grace2grace was established in 2002 with twofold goals. First, to make God's name known through the music He gave. Second, to help raise funds for non-profit organizations through making and selling of benefit CDs.


How Bread Of Life CD came about:

A couple of friends and I began to serve as volunteers at Bread of Life EPA, a soup kitchen located in East Palo Alto, California. We helped with whatever needed to be done, but mainly we helped with the preparation of the meals. Although my volunteer work at Bread of Life was cut short due to an injured hand, I enjoyed my experience. I really appreciated the humble attitude of the staff workers, who blessed me with their compassionate hearts to serve the underpriviledged.

Even though I couldn't physically help out at Bread of Life, I still wanted to help out in any way I could. Seeing the apparent need for financial help, I asked the director, Dr. Jeri Hill (a.k.a. Dr. J.), if she had ever thought about putting on a fundraiser for the soup kitchen. Not knowing that one of the Bread of Life's contributors had recently withdrawn his finaicial support, the idea to start a fundraiser came as a surprise to Dr. J. because the board members had already been thinking about ways in which they could compensate for the loss in funds.

At my first meeting with Dr. J., we discussed fundraising ideas, but she insisted that whatever idea I came up with had to be fun. I went home and thought about what was "fun" for me, what I enjoyed doing. The first thing that came to my mind was music. Since music is my passion, I thought it would be "fun" to put on a concert.

As I prayed about what kind of concert to hold, God told me that He wanted me to put on a concert of my original music. The thought of presenting my songs in front of people terrified me. What scared me even more was the fact that God was also leading me towards creating a benefit CD of songs I had written over the years. I knew what God wanted me to do, but I was still scared.

God continued to open the doors for this concert and CD project. One day, I received an unexpected check from a friend who wanted me to get my project started. In addition, a friend as well as songwriter, Vonnie Dodson, agreed to participate in this CD project as well. It was clear to me what God wanted me to do, so instead of looking back, I started going forward. In November 17, 2001, with God's enabling, Vonnie and I were able to have a benefit concert, where we sold our CD. All the proceeds from the concert and the proceeds from selling our CD were donated to Bread Of Life EPA.

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